Spirit House is an entirely off-grid home set in a pristine tropical wilderness 3 miles down a private road from the nearest settlement of Devils Point, Cat Island, The Bahamas.  The house was designed by Parisian designer Stella Vajsova-Jones and features 5 Unique bedrooms, ample dining and living space and fully equipped kitchen, 300 gallon salt water aquarium , spacious wraparound verandahs and 3  large decks. Solar Powered with additional wind power and back up generator,  it is the perfect retreat house for those seeking ultimate relaxation and communion with sun sand and sea.  Supremely comfortable double beds in every room will have you sleeping the best you have ever slept lulled by the sounds of the waves breaking gently on the beach below. Gardens surround the house with many flowering plants  and fruit bearing trees in season as well as seasonal vegetables. Papaya are usually available to pick and eat daily.  There is a sub zero fridge, freezer, washing machine and beverage cooler and the house is equipped with all the necessary implements pots, pans , games, linens, towels, snorkeling equipment, and 2 paddle boards, all for the use of guests to make your stay as comfortable and as rewarding as possible.  There are healthy beautiful coral reefs within yards of shore in shallow water and miles of coastline to explore for shells and other treasures of the sea that wash ashore daily.


Spirit House sits on a 70 foot elevation overlooking the multi-hued brilliant blue waters of Exuma Sound and the southwest coast of Cat Island. There are nearly 360 degrees of ocean view including 2 exquisite white sand  beaches and a tidal wetlands which is home to egrets , herons and osprey.  Sunrise over the lagoon, sunset over the ocean, a full moon which shines almost as bright as day with its mysterious silver light and a brilliant field of stars unlike anything that can be experienced from more settled places can all be explored from the decks and verandahs and every room has excellent views of the surrounding wilderness.  If you hanker to experience the Bahamas as it was before it became a tourist mecca - Spirit House is for you.  This particular corner of the Bahamas has hardly changed since Columbus sailed here over 500 years ago. Discover the 18th-century ruin of a plantation house adjacent to the property which has been overgrown for over 200 years - a relic of the Loyalist plantation era and indicative of the last time this area was inhabited.


Cat Island is the least developed of the larger Bahamian islands and has retained the timeless charm that has eroded on other islands, jam packed with mega-resorts. Cat Island has a reputation for mystery and magic and is a repository of Bahamian art, craft, heritage and folklore. Here, you can trace the roots of Academy Award winning actor, Sir Sidney Poitier, as well as Bahamian Artist and Musician Tony McKay (also known as Exuma the Obeah Man).  It is also the home of rake & scrape music, an indigenous Bahamian musical form played on drum, saw and accordion.  There are caves to explore, blue holes and endless white sand beaches and shelling locations with no crowds of tourists. Exquisitely made churches dot the island, including The Hermitage - a one man monastery on the highest point in the Bahamas, built by Father Jerome, a celebrated  early 20th century catholic priest and church builder. There are many small local restaurants serving the best of traditional Bahamian fare. To boot, Cat Islanders are helpful and friendly and uncorrupted by the tourist hustle that is found on other island destinations.


Spirit House is the vision of Bahamian songwriter and singer, Andrew Jones. Andrew grew up in Nassau but always felt pulled toward Cat island by its reputation for mystery and magic and music.  He first visited Cat Island after recovering from a serious life-threatening illness and was deeply affected and rejuvenated by his stay there. He determined to return as often as possible to reconnect with that healing energy he found so powerful on that first trip.  Some years later he brought his entire band, also called Spirit House, to Cat Island to record their third Album, The Cat Island Sessions, in a house they rented at Hawk's Nest. While recording he heard about some land that was available nearby.  The entire band and Andrew took a boat ride to the spot and swam ashore on the most perfect crescent shaped soft white sand beach he had ever seen.  Andrew built Spirit House overlooking that beach, over a period of 5 years, to a custom design by his sister-in-law. The house is built of farmed Brazilian hardwood and  constructed by expert Brazilian carpenters, with many fine details such as hand-carved cedar doors which feature names of the band's songs.  Andrew now invites those seeking healing, relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation to come play and relax and reconnect in this Island Paradise.