Testimonials — See what our guests are saying about their time at Spirit House!

This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a family island. It’s the perfect island getaway. A place to relax and clear your head. I would definitely recommend Spirit House to all of my friends!
— Margot Bethel
Spirit House is a genuinely special and unique place, beyond compare. It is certainly not for everyone, but that is precisely its appeal.
— Sam
I stayed at Spirit House while conducting research on sustainable environments in the Bahamas. As an eco-friendly house this was an awesome base for my studies! Thanks again, Spirit House!
— Amelia Moore
I had an amazing time. I highly recommend it if you can make the time. Ask about The Healing Pond. Magical experience.
— Angela Hartt
5 star. A special place beyond all measure and one of my very favorite places on earth. If you crave reconnecting to your authentic self, deep curved skies filled with stars, incredible sunsets, pristine water and the softest sand... then this is where you need to be. An exquisite home filled with art and instruments from all over the world, and three verandas with incredible views of your own private beach. Friendly and beyond comfortable. You just can’t beat the vibe.
— Adam Steinberg
Missing it already. Coming back in March, I think. Ot was truly an amazing time Andrew ... Can’t wait to see you again.
— Josh Katz
Luxury without losing the true Bahamian energy, in a very remote part of the islands, where you go to reconnect, or do a hard reset..
— Don McAulay